Welcome to Stevan Meat Shop !

If you’re looking for a one stop shopping place, you have come to the right place. Stevan Meat Shop offers meat shop, groceries store and restaurant, all in one place. We opened our first branch at Pesanggrahan on 2009 and up until today we have a total of 3 branches in Jakarta and 1 branch in Surabaya.

We are very proud to offer top quality imported and local prime meat, including US Beef, Australian Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef, and Local Prime Beef. In addition we also provide imported fish(Sea Bass, Salmon, Halibut, Black Cod, and Trout), local fish from Makassar(red snapper, white snapper, grouper, barramundi, and tuna), seafood, organic chicken, etc.

With our motto “Quality, Service, Convenient” we always try to do our best to meet our customer needs. That means you can ask our butcher to custom cut your meat. We can get it cut as thick as you like, less fat or more fat, boneless or bone-in. Also for your convenient, we provide delivery service to your home.

Another service that we offer our customeris the Home BBQ Service. We can serve any type of BBQ party up to 1000 people. We do a custom BBQ package according to your need or you can choose from our packages such as Prime Package, Australia Package, Wagyu Package,and US. Angus

We are looking forward to serve you at Stevan Meat Shop. Do not hesitate to ask our representative for any help or special request, we are more than happy to serve your needs.